Recording / Broadcasting while editing/playing


I am at a place where it’s about time i made a gameplay video for my game.
A 3D persons game using best performance desktop settings.

i have tried using screencast o matic, to record some footage. But the results are rather laggy.
Since UE4 is a rather graphics demanding program, adding a recorder tool on top of it, makes me wonder if it might be too demanding to do for a mid range computer.

Performance tests puts both Cpu and Gpu in the middle of the range, with scores half of those currently leading the race.

It is currently made up of following:

GTX 760
16 GB ram
AMD 8350-8 core processor

So is it possible to get some clear footage, and in that case are there any recording programs that are the usual go-to programs, or am i kiding myself trying to achieve what i want with the current setup?

Hope the descriptions aren’t too vague.