Recording animation sounds for final MPEG4 video in Matinee

I am mostly working with Matinee and creating animations for mpeg4. I am rendering the movie using “JPEG image sequence” which I then take to Blender to create the mpeg video. Of course, since these are images there is no sound associated with the flames I have on a meteor as it flies by the viewer. Is there a way to record the audio in Matinee by itself so I can add it to the mpeg in post?

You cant record audio with matinee (with the new “sequencer” it will work → but takes a while till it gets released) → you will have to record it with an other program like audiacity,… :slight_smile:

Thanks Fighter… I’m familiar with Audacity, I’ll just have to figure out how to get it to record the sound as I run Matinee.

If you are on Windows, an awesome program to use is Voice Meter Banana.

It allows you to setup a virtual audio device that will allow you to capture any and all sounds on your computer. Many podcasters use it. And it is Pay what you ware.

On Mac, Audio Hijack is the preferred program but it is paid. Soundflower is free and will allow the same functionality, without the audio enhancements.