Record second camera for VR composite.

Hi there, I’m looking to achieve an effect similar to this.

I am wondering how I can record a second in game camera to a file from blueprint. I plan on having a Real camera in the same location in RL and composite the person into the game in post. Should I look into Matinee or SceneCapture2D?

I’m on 4.11

Any help appreciated- thanks

I haven’t looked into matinee’ yet so my current plan is to use a two player mode and have Player2 basically being my custom camera with animation imported from Maya. (though you might not want to have animation as you want to do green screen?)
I have not yet tried this at full resolution but I should be able to severly degrade my own vr-playing quality settings and hike up the ones on Player2. As I have only one computer. If you have two then it should be easier to get good quality and performance.

EDIT: Of course you would have to match your P2 camera to your real life camera maybe by taking measurements of position, angle, lens etc of the real life one and try to match this.
I had some plans to try and use an extra tracked hand controller taped to my camera to be able to move the camera around. Not sure if I will get around to that though.


Interesting approach! Hadn’t thought of that. I wonder if I have enough processing power for two players… Thanks.

I was thinking of getting the location of my real world camera by just using a print command of a controller’s location and then just going over and touching the camera. Should get it close enough I think. The hard part will be the roll pitch yaw angles.

I have to try the new matinee functionality though, that I think came with 4.12?
I think you are supposed to be able to record the animation of the game play as you play it and then go back and film that with a different camera.
If that works with a vr-ik character then it would be cool as you could go back and ‘re-shoot’ until your lineup with your liveaction footage matches.