Recompiling blueprint takes forever

Whenever I try to recompile one of my actor blueprints it takes usually near 20 seconds or more to recompile the blueprint. This is just happening to this one blueprint. It is the main character blueprint. It’s quite a big blueprint with many of nodes and variables.

I’m starting to get more and more experienced in blueprints, but a lot of the times I have to experiment quite a bit to get stuff to work like I want it to. Every time I have to test something with the blueprint character, I have to just sit there, not beeing able to anything for almost half a minute, even if it’s just a small value adjustment such as walking speed.

The engine and the work files are all installed on an SSD. My computer has 32GB RAM, i7 6700k processor, 980ti graphics card.

Is there anything I can do about this? It’s taking up so much of my development time.

Maybe there is something special you do in that blueprint that takes the time?
I would clone the blueprint to a second file, and then remove one thing at a time from that second file, and see how long it takes to compile.
If suddenly compilation goes faster when you remove a particular function or node, then you know that’s the problem.
Meanwhile, if things just get faster a little bit each time, then you know that it’s the sheer amount of stuff that’s the problem. (But I’ve never seen it take 20 seconds myself.)

There isn’t too much you can do about it. Many nodes need much compile time but 20 seconds sounds a little much. Are you sure all of your logic in your main character blueprint should be there and not be somewhere else?