Recompile Mat Button?

Since the update whenever I import over a current texture it doesn’t automatically re-compile the material shader the texture is in. Sometimes it does but usually no. Now don’t get me wrong when I am working on a material I don’t want it to recompile after every little change. So I am not completely upset about this.

However is there a little button somewhere I am missing that I can click for re-compile material shader? Even when it thinks no changes have been made?

No one is this just happening to me where if I update a texture the material its in just goes black but does not recompile unless I go into the mat and make a change and change it back and then hit apply.

Apply is greyed out prior.

“Save” button (the first one in the toolbar) in the Material Editor always compiles and applies the material for me - even without making any changes to the material.

In my case everything works fine -> I would suggest you to post this onto answerhub: https://answers.unrealengine/index.html