Recommendation for Revit>UE4 "Clay model" Goal: Generate quick walkthroughs

Hello, I require some assistance as I’m super new to 3d modeling and game development.
I’m trying to go from Revit>UE4 via an fbx pipeline and have found out how to import a large fbx with multiple meshes.
However I get an error around the lines of “face material inconsistent, forcing to 0”, which isn’t a problem because my revit model doesn’t really have materials applied. Another Issue I’m encountering is “invalid light map settings” stamped over the entire scene when I drag and drop into the editor. Through a bit of research I found that you can create a second UV channel(which I don’t really know what that is), to correct this issue. I figured out how to do it and seems to work. The only problem is, it isn’t reasonable to do this to 100’s of meshes (Revit is a mess when it comes to meshes).

Simple question: How can I avoid having to do all this UV editing in UE4 so the whole model comes in and allows to me apply UE4 ‘clay’ materials for a simple walk through?

I have access to 3ds max (which I feel is going to be a suggestion)

One very large internet cookie for someone who can help me out :smiley:


Lightmaps are basically a texture map of the lighting that are rendered beforehand so that you can have high quality lighting and have good performance. To be able to do that it needs a UV coordinate channel designed specifically for that purpose. The 4.5 version of UE4 that’s going to be releasing soon is going to have a new tool that can automatically generate a UV channel for lightmaps and do a fairly good job. What it will mean is that you can import an object and it will automatically create that when it imports the meshes. That only matters though if you need good lighting, if that’s not a big deal then you can use dynamic lights and turn off shadows.

I also hear that 4.5 should have some streamlined Oculus integration (I hope). I’m looking forward to this 4.5 update (eta?).
So, I’m going to say that I don’t care too much about ‘good lighting’ at this point and would just like to get something operable. If I turn off shadows and use dynamic lighting (point light, directional, etc…?) will the lightmap stamp error disappear?

Thanks for your help DarthViper!