Recomended computer to cooking and packaging large map

Hey Guys,

I’m already have normal computer i5 8 gb etc and becomes very weak for that, but need to know does anyone have experience in large maps and suggest for us the perfect machine to achieve that faster and smoothly?

Is this enough?

  • i7-6700k

  • 32gb ram DDR4-2133

  • Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5

  • 500GB SSD+ 4TB HD

  • motherboard MSI Z170A

I know that’s frequent question, please any suggestions?


That would be a great system–if you have a very large map however, you might consider not using baked lighting, it might be a better choice to use a dynamic lighting system. Big open world games use dynamic lighting systems because it takes too long to build lighting and would take a lot of storage space for the lightmaps.

That should be great.

Thank you very much you saved me from baked lighting it’s nightmare for large maps, but I have some questions about dynamic lighting systems is that system stable without any bugs and what’s proper version to working with dynamic lighting perfectly? and is there advanced tutorials for that including materials and lighting? :o

Thanks again.

It depends on the type of game you’re doing, if it’s an exterior you can usually just do a directional light and then the skylight can add some lighting to the shadows-with some ambient occlusion it will look very good. For interiors it’s a different matter because they depend more on bounce lighting which is a bit complicated to do with dynamic lighting.

My maps is exterior think this will be simple setup, and I have another question about is this method save many times for cooking, packaging and shipping or take a long time?

appreciating your help

I’ve found good documentation for that How does one build lighting for massive worlds? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums