Recomended computer to cooking and packaging large map

Hey Guys,

I’m already have normal computer i5 8 gb etc and becomes very weak for that, but need to know does anyone have experience in large maps and suggest us the perfect machine to achieve that faster and smoothly?

[FONT=Arial Black]Is this enough?

  • i7-6700k

  • 32gb ram DDR4-2133

  • Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5

  • 500GB SSD+ 4TB HD

  • motherboard MSI Z170A

I know that’s frequent question, please any suggestions? :confused:


Thats a very powerful setup, I recently got an i7-6700k with 32gb ram myself. But depending on how much even faster cooking and packaging is worth to you, there are even better (but more expensive) alternatives for that “perfect” rig.

  • To start with, in some cases you can get 5-10% faster speed by having better ram. But it can quickly get really expensive compared to how little you gain. When I got my rig DDR4-3200 was not that much more than basic DDR4-2133. Memory supply and prices vary a lot, look around! Any way, make sure to get 2x16 gb so that you can upgrade to 64 gb if it becomes worth it later on. Right now I would stick to 32.

  • The next step is to switch to the X99 platform. The motherboards are more expensive but you can now get more than four cores. For parallel tasks (like building light, cooking and similar) that makes them considerably faster and I know Epic themselves use X99. There are some crazy fast (and expensive) processors for X99 (Socket 2011-3), just pick how much money you want to spend and get a good PSU and cooling. Some recommendations:
    – i7-6800K - Hexa-core - $450
    – i7-6900K - Octa-core - $1,150
    – i7-6950X - Deka-core - $1,700

  • Make sure that the SSD is reasonably fast, like for example the Samsung 850 EVO. If you got spare money get a really fast one like the M.2 Samsung 950 Pro. But the extra speed might be unnoticeable. (I myself got an 250gb 950 pro and a 500 GB budget SSD for data. The 950 was probably overkill, but I wanted an M.2 SSD…)

  • The GTX 1080 is the best GPU you can get right now. Do not bother with multiple GPUs unless you know you have a specific case for it. In my opinion not worth it for UE4.

Thanks HavocX for precious information I thought that’s will be the top rig, I agree about ram 2x16 to allow me for upgrade.

  • the motherboard X99 the price it’s begin with multi models $190 - $600 can I get the average SABERTOOTH X99 model $300?
  • i7 6800k it’s good price for me.
  • SSD I think it’s worth the better after all.
  • I thought about multiple GPU is better solution but you negative that “save money:cool:”

The big question for me : :confused: can i get all specification on original pc instead of buy each part individually cause some friends told me it’s better for performance harmony?

Thanks again.

The hexa-core I7 5820k is going to give you more or less the same performance as a 6800k for a bit less money. It’s what I run, clocked to 4.2GHz one the stock cooler no problems at all, great value CPU for UE work.

Thank you mid_gen it’s good point and checked the hexa-core i7 5820k is good as well.

Is there any place or website to collecting my pc parts to make sure all the specifications working together without problem or lag in performance?

I’m not an expert on X99 but from the look of it the Sabretooth should be more than enough.

A pre-built computer won’t have any better performance, it just saves you the (potential) hassle of doing it yourself.

I do not know of a general parts picker to help you, but googling should give you plenty of example builds.

Thanks for help I’ve found bunch of pc’s on some sites with my target specification hope find the one :wink: