Recalling Sequencer Position Across Multiple Sub Levels

I’m trying to make one level sequencer load into another level & sequencer, but retain the position information of the first, then switch back to the first level and play from the saved position. So the persistent level loads with the first sublevel which plays a sequencer, then when a BP actor is grabbed in VR, it changes to the 2nd sub level and a second sequencer plays. At any point you can grab the BP actor again and switch levels. But what I need is from when it goes from the first to the second level, the point in the first sequence is paused and saved, then when you go back from the 2nd to the first it starts where you left off in the sequencer. This feature doesn’t need to happen going back into in the 2nd sequencer though.

So far I have the BP actor (exists in the persistent level) that when you grab the mesh, it fires off a custom event via a dispatcher [Level Change], then uses this to fire off commands in the other level blueprints. I’ve got really close to making it all happen, but as close as that is, it only seems to work when both sub levels are visible. As soon as the first sublevel is made invisible to make the 2nd appear by itself, it resets the first sublevel when its loaded back in and plays the first sequencer from the beginning. I can’t figure out how to save the data of the sequencer position of the first sequence just before it is is made invisible, then recalled when its loaded back in (but across multiple level BPs) Here is what I was trying in the first sub level blueprint:

I also started to try to put both sequencers into a master one in the persistent level, and can make it jump to the point where the 2nd sequencer plays, but because its now the same sequencer in the master, I can’t figure out how to record position at the point where the custom event is triggered by the grabbing of the BP, then fast forward to the point in the master sequence where the 2nd sequencer plays, then upon the next grabbing of the BP, go back to that recorded position (using level visibility track to hide the sub levels). Heres a shot from the persistent level BP trying to get that working, probably the bit where it gets level name is messing it up, but my brain cant figure it out at this point!

Sorry if the description is a bit convoluted…I’m also not too hot with blueprints so its been a massive struggle the last few days and I’ve tried so many things! Any help would be great! :slight_smile: