Rebuilding Lights Importance

As of now my project looks much better when I do not rebuild lighting, however whenever I proceed to rebuilding it, all the lights seems to lose its intensity and looks nothing like what it looks like when in the editor.

Just want to know if rebuilding lights is necessary to publish and if so how can i get similar lighting results to what i seen in the editor and when i rebuild it.

I’m working in VR, forward rendering, also I use VR to place objects in the world too.

The answer is yes and no. What’s happening is that before you build the lighting, you are only seeing the “preview” version of the level. Without building, each light will be rendered not as it will appear in the final game, but as an approximation. This approximation is not necessarily accurate, and your lights are not actually that intense in reality. That said, if you set all of your lights to movable, this approximation will be the same as the final version. Technically, I believe it’s possible to publish like this, but I would not advise it, especially in VR.

If your build is producing different results than your preview, the issue is in your build settings. I would highly advise that you spend some time researching lighting building and best practices in order to learn how to get better results, but some basic settings to adjust are things like world scale (defaults to 1, lower is better. I suggest 0.1 as the absolute lowest), quality (be very careful, this increases exponentially), bounces per ray, etc.

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