Rebuilding Jazz Jackrabbit 5(4 was on GBA)

I figured out what’s wrong with maps,but I have 2015 update of UDK and I need 2010 downgrade for UDK to play Jazz Jackrabbit iOS Kismet Tutorial.I have no idea where can i find older version of udk from year of 2010,please help me?

Here You Go.

thanks dude

rebuilding sequence of final udk jazz jackrabbit ios kismet tutorial equals to me failures i was making steps like in video,but it was pointless.As for UDK beta opening Jazz Jackrabbit ios kismet tutorial maps udk stop responding.What’s going on?

Here we go what’s wrong with it?

It seems like you lost some references. Is still everything in the same place?
Btw, post your UDK questions into the UDK forum -> :wink:

I’m awaiting for validation.I made my account in 100%