Realtime skylight completely broken

Realtime skylight turns the skylight black, not realtime.

Works fine for me… how’d you set this scene up? Just make a new default level and set the skylight to moveable?

I opened ue4, made a new project, no starter content, no RT, empty blueprint project, i set the skylight to dynamic, deleted the directionallight to see the skylight better, and set the skylight to realtime, lighting was rebaked so the remaining lighting from the static one isnt there. In the post the intensity is bumped up so you can see it but normal intensity is broken too.

They forgot to mention it currently only works with Sky Atmosphere. Not with any arbitrary content behind the scene capture distance threshold :slight_smile:

Or more specifically:

Wait, doesnt it only working with sky atmosphere defeat the entire point of capturing it so often? (Day night cycles are much slower than clouds)

It captures clouds