See, what is making me upset, is that fact that because of the struggles I am having, I am being reward badges?
I know, I know, But I am Super God Darn frustrated, that not only did I lose all my work, I spend creating something ( 34 hours) I am not getting answers but rewards for being on here. Look, I love that we are helping each other, and I know that I just posted this, but I wish we had a hotline or a CLEAR answer for solutions, IDK maybe I am just dumb in understanding how code works.
I am a one man business, and I have to learn it. I just didn’t think I would spend days on trying to figure out one problem. I just need this to work.

Im going to taco bell, and eating my problems away.

I’m not sure you posted in the right forum. You posted this in the “UDK Programming and UnrealScript” subforum. If you think we can help you solve an UnrealScript-related issue, then tell us about it. As it stands, there’s nothing we can really help you with until you tell us what the issue is. If you’re trying to give feedback about earning badges on the forum, you might want to post in a different location.

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