Really Weird Issue with Landscape Seam Collision

So, I wrote a blueprint to create a grid movement area based off of collisions with LineTrace. Just one problem, for some reason new areas of the landscape added after original creation cause one really weird issue.

It is only happening at the seam between the two new added sections and the original sections. Aka only on the Y axis. For some weird reason LineTraceByChannel considers the seam a different object, since I am white listing items as to what will be considered walkable. How do I know it is just the seam? Well, the grid works everywhere else properly, but then when you hit that seam it is a no go across the whole thing. The only way I am able to get by it is going out on a bridge area and coming back onto the other side just past the seam.

Any suggestions as to what might be going wrong with the landscape collision and why the seam is considered a different object?

I guess I could switch it to a blacklist rather than a whitelist for determining what are valid walkable areas. But this seams (pun intended) like a bug of some sort with LineTrace and Landscape collision mesh.