Really Troublesome Question

So, it has been a few days that i started working on my own game in Unreal Engine 4.
and i only have 1 big issue that i want to sort out before moving onto the modeling process.

i was watching this video on youtube about Adr1ft. ADR1FT Gameplay - Part 1 - Walkthrough (No Commentary) - YouTube

And i noticed one thing that i would really love to recreate in my game.
is that first person camera.

i already know how to setup the camera in order to show chest/legs/arms etc.
but i’ve tried several things to Try get the camera to show “the inside” of the helmet exactly how its shown in adr1ft.

Attaching a “visor” textured on a socket or in front of the mesh aint going to work “while jumping hands/arms” simply clip through.

also tried to render a 3d Widget on the UI for that kind of effect but i get a few transparency / Shading / Outline issues.

so i was wondering.
anyone has a clue on how to achieve such a clean effet ? with the curved UI on the Helmet Glass aswell ?
i would really love some tutorials / direction on how i should approach this thing.