RealityCapture 1.4 is now available

RealityCapture 1.4 is now available to download from the Epic Games Launcher or via the new Epic Developer Portal with an updated pricing model.

What’s new

Updated pricing model

Starting today, RealityCapture is becoming free for students, educators, hobbyists, and companies making under $1 million USD in annual gross revenue. Subscription seats can be purchased for $1,250 per user per year for companies over that threshold. You can also purchase RealityCapture as part of the Unreal Subscription, along with Unreal Engine and Twinmotion, for $1,850 per user per year.

You can find more details about the updated pricing model in our blog announcement.

RealityCapture 1.4 in the Epic Games Launcher

Direct downloads, installations, and updates for RealityCapture 1.4 and subsequent builds are now available through the Epic Games Launcher.

RealityCapture in the Epic Developer Portal

The Epic Developer Portal introduces a new self-service purchasing flow that enables you to buy, download, and manage seats and active subscriptions from the Epic creator tools ecosystem in a centralized dashboard.

This dedicated platform also enables you to purchase and manage Epic Direct Support seats within the Unreal Developer Network (UDN).

Discontinuation of the Pay-Per-Input (PPI) pricing model

We are no longer offering the Pay Per Input (PPI) pricing model going forward. Existing customers with unused PPI credits will be able to utilize them for 12 months from today. If you’ve been using the PPI licensing model, you’ll be able to open and continue working with your existing PPI projects using RealityCapture 1.4, provided you have internet access.

View the full release notes here.

Download RealityCapture 1.4

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I installed the latest Launcher and I cannot get to the reality capture tab. The button does not do anything. Hmmm…


Guillaume Wyatt

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The same case here…

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I’m using Epic Games Launcher (AppSettings: Version: 16.4.0-33099683+++Portal+Release-Live) and it’s working fine for me.

Was able to launch RC from it just fine.

Same problem for me. What’s the fix for this?

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All work now - installed and running - Windows 11, RealityCapture Thank you.

EDIT: uninstalled completely & re-installed the Launcher. After that, was able to install RealityCapture.

I have the same problem of the RealityCapture button doing nothing. I see some people have managed to get it working - how?


Hi, to solve this issue please follow this workflow: Course: Introducing RealityCapture 1.4 - #3 by JakubVanko

Could you inform us when the last hard expiration lock will occur for the last version before 1.4?
Need a deadline for our IT to figure out what to do with installing the software on offline machines only.

The versions should last for 5 years, so the 1.3.2 will expire in 2029.

For me trick was to enable Games Library temporary, installed RealityCapture and disabled Games Library. Works fine. I do not know if it works for others.

Yes, this was it for me. I was finally able to reach the RC tab.

But once RC is installed, If I tick again Hide Games Library, I cannot reach again the contents of the tab.

As I like to launch the application from the launcher, it would be nice if in future updates, RealityCapture tab would be independent from the Games Library settting.

After creating a new project in RC 1.4 (Windows 7) and saving it and turning off/on RC, this project cannot be opened again. First it wants to save the project and after saving the project with the new name it cannot be opened again and continue.The following message appears (two errors to open): The file decryption key is not valid (err 7131, err 7126).

Hello, in this free version is it possible to export without a watermark?

Hi @JinPlz,
if you are getting this error please try these fixies:The file decryption key is not valid - #2 by OndrejTrhan

Hello @cryssfotos,
yes. It is possible to export the results without the watermark in this version.

Yes, thank you, that helped. I manually cleaned the registry throughout the system. And then reinstalled everything.

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to install a program through the launcher, but I’m getting an “E10-0” error. Is this a bug or are there regional restrictions?

Hello, please tell me that after exporting the model and texture in the new version, the texture name is changed to _u1_v1_diffuse. Can I set it to the previous name _u1_v1