Realistically Setting Up For Google Play - Proguard and I, Confusingly Nuanced

Alright so first off, it appears UE4 can NOT simply package for Android/Google Play. Signing is easy and straightforward, so it saddens me that the more nuanced packaging features for distribution are not covered.

Namely, the issues with getting a user to sign in to Google Play in an app. There are many other confused users around Answers and the forum here, and I feel like some have given up simply because it’s not a straightforward process by far.

So here’s what I’ve been told.

User @sharing has provided some insight into what worked for them, but it’s still not enough for me to understand, honestly.

First one:

Alright so, as I’m understanding it, Proguard is overwriting my changes to what is the only *.build.cs file I have (confusingly located in PROJECT_FOLDER\Intermediate\Plugins\GeneratedBpCode\Source\GeneratedBpCode). I literally only need to know which Proguard file to change, and how (except, I guess, if I am missing a build.cs file). There are 7 Proguard files in my project. I have not created any of these and they are all there by default. Some are blank.

Second was the suggestion by Chris, which confused me as to why it isn’t in the project by default? Who makes an Android game for development and configured for Google Play without needing the AndroidEngine.ini file? I’m really confused on this one.

And third, I was told that only a Beta test version and a test account can test IAPs. This shouldn’t be a side-note. This needs to be in every single tutorial or guide that even mentions IAPs. Although to be honest I haven’t been able to test IAPs yet because I’ve not yet been able to navigate the confusing requirements just to even get the login UI working.

So yeah, this is what I am hung up on. I’m getting there, but darn, I’ve had a project in limbo for months because of the lack of one solid source of detailed information.

Hell if someone could make a real step by step tutorial dedicated to basic configuration and publishing, that would be amazing.

I understand the frustration of many mobile game developer that uses UE4 with the lack of tutorials in the particular platform; Android & iOS. I experienced it myself in the first 6 months of using UE4.

However, as I learn more and got very comfortable using UE4 for mobile development, and did two self publishing- two on Android and one in iOS, I think I can start to give out a proper tutorials on this matter, BUT after I finished my current project for iOS which is due to release next month.

I’ve planned quite a few tutorials from basic to advance, Google Play Setup, lighting, shadow, optimizations etc. and these tutorials will be published on my site somewhere in mid April, I hope.

So for those who are willing to wait, just hold on a bit :slight_smile:

@RynerAJ that would be amazing. I would love to see what you have on Google Play! My horses are stabled.

Willing to wait. Sounds terrific!

As a self though wanna be gamedev, I went through hell until I got my app published on google play.

The info is all there on the internetz, but to find it and then to put it together is a real challenge.

Now I have a little less hair, but a little happier.

@Pabooklas I wish I was like you. I mean, I’ve found all the information I should require… I just can’t get anything to work as it seems meant to during the process. Not to mention I seem to find every engine-crashing bug (on STABLE branches) possible. I can’t count the number of times I’ve single-handedly managed to crash UE4.