Realistic Character Modelers

We have some exciting projects coming up this year and we are expanding our character team. Currently are looking for passionate and experienced 3D modelers and texture artists who have worked on professional or high level indie titles in the past and can delivery assets that meet the quality standards needed in such games. Ironbelly is an extremely well organized and established company with a long standing reputation that we maintain by treating our clients and staff alike with the utmost respect and consideration. Because our clientele are strictly indie studios we do need to push for competitive rates but we take the risk out of not getting paid by clients that leave you high and dry and we will handle 100% of the content management, client relations and all of the paperwork needed to operation, leaving you more time to focus on what you love(and can bill for)

Our Organic modeler Wishlist:

  • Max or Maya user
  • Substance Painter and Designer user
  • Marvelous Designer experience
  • Advanced PBR knowledge is a bonus
  • Experience with Unreal 4 first and Unity second as an added bonus
  • Enjoy staying up to date with all recent development and techniques
  • Near obsessive eye for detail, not only with your work but also how you organize your files, layers, etc etc
  • Enjoy giving and receiving feedback in a constructive and supportive environment
  • Live within the following timezones: GMT -9 to GMT +5 (Sorry asia+aus


Please send your linkedin profile and/or portfolio over to and for a reference of the quality we are after just head over to and check out our portfolio.