Realflow exported to UE4 using flipbook sequence player

Hi guys, this is my first post. As the subject line states, I have exported a mesh sequence from Realflow for a premade fluid simulation for VR use. There is a youtube video that shows how to do this and I can get it to almost work perfectly. My issue is my flipbook sequence is playing out of order so the animation looks all skippy and jumpy in the beginning. It’s not a performance issue, you can see it skipping around when playing the frames. I need to figure out a solution to this. I know I’m leaving out some details but I’m not sure what you would need to answer this. Ask away and I’ll fill in the balnks. Thanks in advance!

Hi - I work a lot in RealFlow and would like to import it in UE4 for VR use- Do you have find a solution for this?

Flipbooks should work fine, I suspect something in the creation and ordering of the flipbook is causing the problem. There are many flipbook creation software out there but I have had most success with the Unity VFX kit. It’s the best flipbook creation tool out there. So create your textures there and then export to UE in case that turns out to be the issue.