Real world terrain for flight simulation

Hi there!
First of all, please forgive me my terrible English!
I’m working for company who make real airports for flight simulation. Now we are using flightgear engine and creating mesh terrain using DEM data. We got huge terrain, about 200 by 200 kilometers for the far zone and more presize mesh, about 32 by 32 kilometers, for near zone. Than we have very presize runway mesh, cuted into near zone mesh. And now we are going to switch to modern engine, so i have to make some tests, and try to transfer all our data into unreal engine…
I’ve got some problems, which, i hope, someone in this community can halp me with…


  1. I’m going to make terrain using height map tiles an ue landscape… But i have no idea how to cut-in runway mesh into that landscape.
  2. Our terrain mesh divided into small meshes. I’ve got about 1000 height map image tiles, and for each heightmap i have a unique diffuse texture… So, do i need 1000 materials to texture my terrain?

Щnce again I apologize for my English. I will be grateful for any help!