I want to create a city using level design and human AI to control movement .I am a student and lack in money resources .As you can understand i can create houses and buildings but the problem is that it will take more than a year or even more to get it completed .can anyone comment on what to do?
let me put forward my idea .i want to create a city run by gangs and corrupt politicians.So,i need a blueprint/AI system so that ican communicate between more than one player in the game just as ghost reacon wildlands gameplay.They have four characters to control simultaneously .Imight want more so that infiltration and gang war missions look more realistic.PLEASE HELP!!!

Your best solution might be trying to build a decent city level and have your idea detailed in a document. We call this the GDD. Game Design Document. When you have that post your idea in the unreal forums under looking for talent and see if anyone is interested in collaborating with you on the project. There are a lot of talented people who sometimes look for an interesting project to work on in between jobs or just to gain more experience in game dev.

Can you guide me the process please

Go ahead and email me @gmail. and ill see what I might be able to do for helping you along the way. Your game idea is interesting.