Real-Time Water Physics - UE5?

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I am new to the forums, so forgive me if this is out of place or context.

I believe this is a comment for the Niagara side of UE5, but realistic water physics have been so lacking in the industry for so many years, I suppose due to the incredibly high amounts of complex calculations involved with the CPU? Lumen can change dynamically on the fly to changes in environment (such as light pouring into a cave that blew up, etc.), my comment or question is, does anyone know if the team at Epic is working on providing tools or software that will be able to create realistic water physics that can react dynamically with the world? Such as a bomb blowing up a river in an FPS battle, or a sea-monster fight on the ocean where water would need to be able to work in real-time dynamically to look real, etc?

I know that UE already has a water-plugin of sorts to create oceans and rivers, etc. But they, if I am correct, do not work dynamically with real-time water physics. You usually have to add 2-D splashes for example when running on the water to try and simulate physics.

There are just SO many ideas I can think of when considering real-time water physics in video games, like using it in spells or magic, underwater battles or battles on the ocean, and more. I really hope this is something they are looking into being able to finally achieve with the advancements that they have made with Nanite and Lumen.

Thank you in advance for any info! :slight_smile:

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Looking to bump this, does anyone have any information on this? I have been following the live streams they have been doing, and doing as much research on this possible. I just want to know if this is something they are either working on or are definitely planning to try and attack in the future if anyone knows?

Thanks again in advance! I am very passionate about this topic on real-time water physics and simulation! <3