>>Real Time Collaboration! UNREAL ENGINE, need SUPPORT!<<

Hello! I represent a small team that is working to develop a real-time collaboration plugin. This plugin allow users to connect to the same project and edit the world. If one user moves an object to the left for example, all other connected users see it update on their computer (assuming they are looking the correct direction) We are currently looking for supprt, ideas, and people who would like to work with us and have experience programming in Unreal Engine. If this interests you in anyway, please share this thread with other people who may share your interest. We plan to start a Kickstarter to pay for nessisary development funds for this plugin. When we do start our Kickstarter, we post a notification on our YouTube channel:

Feel free to subscribe to stay updated. If you are interested, please post your comments down below, or email us at: @gmail.com

Thanks for your support!

Pretty sure this is what you’re looking for.


Thank you for your reply. We are currently trying to build a bigger version of that though. Thanks