Real Life Buildings??

OK, This is very complicated subject to discuss. I’m making zombie survival in NewYork, my goal is that game needs to be better that DayZ and H1Z1.
I’m worried that using real life buildings in game will result in lawsuit by copyright holders,than I found this from Berkeley law school. In short, it says that its OK to use any building model in game(English is not my native language so i didn’t get half words from the document), GREAT, but what about interior, In my game I’m planing to model full interior, I’m not planing to go to Empire State Building and go floor to floor taking pictures, interior would be random, that is where problem comes, because some company could sue me for misrepresenting their floor in the building and I would have same problem. It’s probably OK to use Statue of Liberty in game, interior or exterior but what about Trump Tower? Gta 5 has over 150 lawsuits against them and they are not cheap, no matter on witch side you are on. I know it’s not fair to compare my game to gta 5 but still. What do you think?

There is always risk associated with doing something like this, and I suggest you seek proper legal advice, as it wouldn’t be much fun for you to get run out of business because you followed the advice of a few people on a forum board.

Do you have to make them identical?

You should worry about the game mechanics first.

I think you and BlacketStrider should team up.

I like to work alone!

At the risk of sounding mean - you won’t be able to develop a New York sized city in UE4 by yourself, with full exteriors and multiple interiors.
Your best bet would be to get game mechanics down first. Don’t worry about how everything looks for now, just get your basic gameplay survival systems set up. Once that’s well on the way to being fun to play, start looking at the game world and the size of it. You don’t need to make the buildings identical (and you definitely won’t be able to use their official names such as Trump Tower). Do what GTA V did and make them parodies if you’re that determined to make them the same/similar.

This is not anything serious, bored at home, trying to have some fun! I’m doing opposite of what you said, idk anything about game mechanics so I started with what I know, Blender

I would advise the same as Gunner,

Although people pick a lot of faults with H1Z1 and DayZ. They still have a fully replicated multi-player game with most advanced gameplay elements that work on master servers. Not to mention the optimization needed to have that amount of people on 1 big open world map.

The people that make the comments “The games are poorly made” don’t understand the amount of work it takes to get to the state those games have achieved.

I would suggest at least get to know UE4 blueprints for game play elements and start looking at replication for multiplayer as soon as possible. You will probably find your vision is far more than you can achieve working alone which in turn will change your idea for environments and finally change your art assets.

So your initial art work might not of been a good use of your time.

Good luck tho, but in reality you should look at getting some help even if it is just a hobby.