Real Door Physics Mechanics Blueprint (Help

Hello, Unreal community

I Need some help creating a Physics Door Blueprint, that works with Interfaces.

Explaining the Goal:

  • Create a Door that is operated by physics, not mantiee, or rotation, or animation.
  • Door that is created by physics is moved by physics Handle, (ability to pick up or move object actors with “simulated physics”)
  • The Door locks itself at 0 degree angle (with tolerance) ex. (When you slam a door shut in real-life it stays closed, until you turn a knob, “Locking Mechanism”) or if something hits the door it closes.
  • To unlock the door, the Door is unlocked through event interface, (which is mapped to left mouse button for example)

I’ve provided Pictures at the link to show what I have for the Physics Handle, and a messy Door mechanic.