Read this if you plan to work with Unreal on a Mac / OSX

As of writing this (January 6 2016) Apple / OSX is not supporting OpenGL in any higher versions than 4.1

Unfortunately many, if not most of the ‘wow-factors’ about Unreal engines output and possibilities over competing engines are relying on OpenGL 4.3 or later.

So though ‘in theory’ it is possible to install, work and build with an OSX/Unreal 4.10.1 (Current as of writing this) setup, in reality it is useless since you have no control of what you are doing.

As an example you may unknowingly be making genuine all-reflecting mirrors for floors and windows in an over lit environment - though on you Mac they look like dusted floors and dirty windows in a dark room.

This goes for basically everything above diffuse shaders or non-lit 2D graphics.

Unfortunately this is not really mentioned anywhere: If you make something on OSX and port it to say a PC or Playstation, it will most likely look very different from what you see and have build on your Mac.

PS: I am a Mac fanboy, but I think I’ll have to get a PC now, hit me religious people, this is IMO pure fail for Apple, I am losing my religion!

Epic is working on integrating Metal for Mac into UE4. Check the features for the latest preview release.