Read IAP prices mixed

Hi. I want to show the prices for each item I buy. The problem is that all my prices are mixed up if I have an array with more than 1 item.
500 coins = 1$
2500 coins = 5$
7500 coins = 10$
30000 coins = 40$
This is an example how it sould look like inside the shop but the problem is that after I add more items inside the array it looks something like this
500 coins = 40$
2500 coins = 10$
7500 coins = 5$
30000 coins = 1$

I’ve attached a print with the BP. I’m doing something wrong there?

Thank you!

Engine Version: 4.23

Hi! Did you fix it?

Use Read In App Purchase V2 and a foreach loop!

Thank you for your reply.
I don’t see how to do this, do I have to use more than one ‘read iap information v2’?