RE. Epic Road Tool (The one from the Market) & Drop Down Menu

Hi Guys.
Currently playing around with the Epic Spline Mesh/Road Tool and modifying it to support more meshes than just the road, left and right guard rails.

However, doing so produces an issue with each new mesh requiring its individual “activation” Checkbox for each spline point but with more and more meshes it becomes very hard to keep track of all of them.

As such, i was wondeirng if thre was a way to change the default look (A shown in the picture) into a “drop down menu” for the various “groupings” (Wall Left, Ground etc) (Marked in Red Boxes).

Is that possible to do from within the blueprint itself (Default Epic version) and if so, how can it be done?

Or even better, a way to simply randomize the various values (Like, Wall_Left A with Wall_Right_B and Roof C) by the click of a button for each spline point (thereby removing manual micro-management with each point)

What I did was modify the blueprint for the spline, and uncheck the un-needed models there. Then, if I wanted them later, I could modify that one section that was needed.