Raytracing and still images

Hi there,

Have had some success with total dynamic Raytracing for my interiors and exteriors. Adding bloom and volume fog seems to blow the image to being very exposed. So I’m guessing they aren’t fully supported?

Has anyone else tried a hybrid approach of baking the lights? Would you still need to do this with lightmass? For me the joy of Raytracing has been working totally dynamically.

Would love to hear anyone else’s tips for saving out quality still images? So far I have found the best way for myself is to record a frame through cinematically for set cameras. Can do a high res screen grab through the camera by turning to game mode-but it’s never sharp.

Hopefully in future versions they make it more simplified for the visualiser!

yeah image would be not sharp, bcoz unreal save rendered image in 72 DPI. they still need to upgrade to 100 DPI atleast.