Raytracing and movierender queue

Hello, I am a bit confused about Movie Render Queue and Raytracing.

I am currently using a GTX 1080.

I want to use CVARs in MRQ to render my scene with raytracing so I have r.Raytracing - 1 / ilumination 1 and so on. But if I type these in output log it changes nothing. r.raytracing - 1 says it is read only.

So does this mean these commands for ray tracing are doing nothing?

Does Raytracing work with dx 11 or do I need dx12?

If I haven’t enabled Raytracing in the project settings but have the CVAR to 1 should it override this setting or do I need it to have it turned on and compile the scene?

I read that you can enable raytracing for specific parts like for shadows only.

Is the r.raytracing.shadows or ilumination independent from the r.raytracing 1 comand? Meaning if I have ilumination 1 but r.raytracing 0 it will not take effect?

I feel some of these are a bit dumb questions but I am new in unreal and genuinly trying to understand the logic behind these things. So, thanks for reading!

just a bump to see if anyone can answer

In order for ANY kind of raytracing to work, you need to have raytracing active in your project. This triggers all your shaders to recompile (hence the need to restart).
You do also need DX12 selected - raytracing (even if it’s turned on in the project) doesn’t work in DX11.

You can turn on/off different raytracing features using the CVARS you found. Some of the settings (GI, AO, Reflection, Translucency) are in the PP volume. Shadows settings are in the respective lights.

I’d have to test it, but I suspect the r.raytracing variable is set by the overall project setting (hence ‘read only’), and can’t be set directly in a CVAR.

Yes, that is true.

Thank you! That cleared up the questions I had.