Raytraced reflections with BSP brushes

I’ve been working on implementing some raytracing for a game I’m currently making. It’s a maze game, made up of BSP brushes and some other actors and what not. In at least one level, I made a mirror maze, where the wall are all reflective and mirror-like, and in other levels, I have a mirror-like floor or something. With pathtraced reflections, the brushes reflect what’s on the screen, and a sky map as well, as I think they are supposed to work. With raytracing on, the ground and/or walls now reflect all actors, including the player model, whether or not it’s on screen, as I would expect. However, there are no brushes being reflected.

Is it completely impossible to get brushes to reflect on raytraced surfaces? Or maybe is it possible to get a mix of pathtrace and raytrace?


BSP brushes are not supported.