Raytraced GI in 4.25 , 4.26. When is it beneficial to use?

So in my tests so far not really seeing the advantage of enabling Raytraced GI. For static scenes isn’t it better to simply bake your GI? And then use a hybrid approach, combining your baked GI with Raytraced cast shadows, reflections and translucency?

I don’t think raytraced GI is ready for production use for realtime projects. Final gather has too many low-light artifacts and brute force is just way too slow.

Baking is always going to be the best performance/quality balance for scenes with mostly static lighting/geometry. Even with lots of movable objects will usually work fine with the volumetric lightmap and if you really need it, SSGI.

Thanks. yes that seems to be the case. So hybrid approach, using RT shadows and possibly reflections and translucency seems to be the best approach for now.