Raytraced Distance Field Shadow Artifacts


so I’m trying to get these Raytraced Distance Field Shadows to work but I’m getting weird artifacts and can’t figure out why. I found multiple tutorials like this:
But I’m always just getting those artifacts. Both for directional lights and point lights. I played with the light settings but they don’t really change the artifacts.
I attached a screenshot from a mostly unchanged first person shooter example.
I’m using Unreal Engine 4.18.3 on Windows 7 with a GTX 970.

Ohhhh! Now I found it. So clicking that static mesh “1M_Cube” opened a new window and there I found it. Really well hidden :wink:
Changing the Distance Field Resolution from 1 to 1.5 already fixed the artifacts. I also tested 2 and 8 but so far like 2 the best, the others look kinda “segmented” when looking close. I attached two screenshots with it being set to 2 and 8. I guess I’ll play around with Global Illumination next, still not that happy with the shadows and I think Unreal can do better. I’m rather new to it.