Ray Tracing for World Position Offset on Instanced Static Mesh

Hi all,

I was wondering if there were any plans to support ray tracing on ISMs with WPO enabled on them. I’m currently instancing a bunch (anywhere from a couple thousand to a couple hundred thousand) of cubes and moving them via world position offset. The ISMs work fine with ray tracing if I don’t use WPO. I’ve tried using the auto-instancing feature but there is a significant performance hit compared to ISM, even with ray tracing off. I guess it doesn’t use the same kind of instancing?

It’s probably something other than ray tracing that is causing the performance hit. However, what samples per pixel value is it for ray tracing in the instances and lighting? What’s the resolution of the instances? Is the camera viewing the WPO moving of cubes from nearer to the ground place or more vertically from the sky, or in between? It could be an occlusion issue or culling.