Ray Tracing Foliage broken_4.24

Hello everyone

Hope somebody could help me in my issue

After turning on Ray Tracing in project settings something weird become with foliage at all level

By the link you can look what is wrong
There was no sharp flicker of bright and dark spots before RT mode on

How can i fix it?

Thanks in advance

Foliage are mesh instances and as far as I know WPO is still not supported by Ray Tracing on instanced meshes, so the shadows get rendered as if the mesh instances were static, and WPO animation then causes the generated shadow pass randomly intersect in and out of the shadowed area.

Thanks for answer.

Hope this feature will supported soon.

Solution For My case:

Select Light Source - Lighting - Cast Ray Tracing shadows - Deselect

After few weeks i have found Solution for this problem. I dont know how it works, but:

Select Mesh - Properties - Rendering - RayTracing - Evaluate World Position - Mark check

U can see how it works by screenshots:

or video:

It works good for every mesh, but not for grass by landscape. Simply there is no Rendering properties.

Where i can find Evaluate World Position mark for landscape grass?