Ray Tracing Enable Driver Hack is it possible ?

Ray Tracing Enable Driver Hack is it possible ?
i want to gtx 650 ti ray tracing how it possible ?

No, it is not possible, and if it was the GTX 650 is way way too low powered to do anything reasonable with it

İ’m not game develop. İ want to sequencer using. Sequencer is reasonable.

That one is so weak though that it wouldn’t be usable at all

I imagine that it would still be faster than an offline CPU-based renderer, especially with a combination of ray tracing and rasterization.

That said, I imagine it would be virtually impossible to write a driver for the 650 that supports DXR on any level; a software renderer might work in theory, but that’s about it. Direct3D used to have a reference rasterizer, but I think that stopped being supported in DirectX 9.

It would probably crash and the amount of GPU memory would be an issue. There is the GPU lightmass baking though, but again GPU memory would be an issue.

thank you i think i must buy new card or stop graphic desing

Are you really gonna spend cash on a new card when yours is still a great card. If you want true raytracing then use one of the many render engines out there like redshift, corona, arnold,…

Are you really gonna spend cash on a new card when yours is still a great card. If you want true raytracing then use one of the many render engines out there like redshift, corona, arnold, CYCLES,…

Ray tracing in UE4 still isn’t fully implemented. You can still get almost photorealistic images out of UE4 without ray tracing.

fx 6300 one room a few days render. İt is horrible. No thanks

I live in turkey. Everybody know turkey life like a horror movie. İf you know high people every job is run but if you want to shine just your talent it is not possible. Maybe cash earn possible but if you know higher people. I just fighting on my talents but horrible quality jobs earning to much higher cash but i dont earn anything. gtx 650 ti it is horrible to this job. a few million polygons stopping the viewport. but i dont give up. always fighting.
This is my websites. old working. maybe this villa render the octane render but 1 frame 35 minutes and empty scene. i think 1.5 millon poly and stop my pc. 6-7 times crash and finaly render begin. 35 minutes this is horrible for animating. İ want to animating video because technology is grove up and this render everybody make. 1 frame render 40-60 turkish lira. and gtx 1060 (used) 1300 turkish liras so if 11-13 months i dont eat or drink anythink no bread no water maybe used gtx 1060 buy and create big project and earn money. This is imposible. 1300 liras maybe 230-240 dolar and maybe 1 day earning you and other country people but say again this is turkey horrible life. maybe time to give up but if i give up i jobless. excuse me for disturb you

i can write a paragraph of why life doesnt care or would not shred a tear about your problems, because life is a bitch. Guess what, many of us including myself have been in similar and by far far worse situations than just not having a penny. There are other ways forward through some hard work.

Now that we can put that aside here is my advice, if you cannot afford a raytrace card well too bad, you think of clever ways around it. You want animation fine you spend that 30 mins baking the scene working harder to ensure your uvs are clean and apply fake reflection probes and reflection planes on the ground and if you work this right it will look better than raytraced with a card because you get better and more bounces, Higher quality shadows and much faster response times. Dont expect cheap and fast or you wont be better than the competiton even if they were fed the silver spoon.

have you seen what people were achieving with archviz 5 years ago within ue? They look almost as good as some vray renders!

i understood some think. İ work almost 10 years. some time this job some time other job. Firstly i calculate and solve this: rtx world fastest ray tracing rendering method. i want to under rtx to path tracing and render incredible quality beacuse i said i living a turkey and if you don’t know high people your died reason is hungry or if you quality is incredible high maybe you last chance last shoot. and any render engine is dont support path tracing. maybe slow but too much realistic. Unreal engine uv baking method is like a anime like a kids movie. Path tracing and uv baking can’t compare. even ray tracing can’t compare. İ work another working method firstly animating use unreal engine firstly amazing but unreal quality is low not enough anymore ,compare 3ds max any render engine. and have been starting Nuke and maybe deep compositing 1 frame render and a few second animating render nuke. 1 animating about 10 frame vray render and nuke deep render. First look this idea is amazing but real life is different because my computer can’t render any complex scene. I said a few million scene maybe render maybe crash.

Everybody said DXR for everything. maybe slow but every pc is work. I am very happy but now your card cant work. Even gtx 1050 ti can’t work. Maybe my card too old maybe dx12 etc some excuse your card can’t work this wrong but if you say i understand but gtx 1050 ti can’t work this is the unreal engine and nvidia shame for this.
try vray corona octane (out of core support maybe one render engines but always crash) furrybal arnold maxwell indigo iray amd prorender redshift. always crash always crash. render engine nuke or another method useless. just last hope is rtx but nvida and unreal engine microsoft didn’t do to promise this is shame. So here is turkey. here is hell. And i soo tired maybe give up time. 2 option for me give up or find easy method. because soo tired and my 1000 frame work energy don’t want to give for 1 frame.

I dont think i understand this. It is not unreal man, you cant take something designed for games and expect nuke/vray quality out of it, o dont care what epuc says about its vfx qualities they are all hacks. I told you the other way of doing this with in engine even outside engine bakes and you are saying its not good enough. By the way rtx will not be either. So you are putting yourself in a no win situation here, good luck.

look. i said my situation. I need working on worse pc high quality render. other render engines cant work my pc. maybe just vray stable. need very high filmic quality because my only chance quality. said and said again and boring here is turkey. other ways not for me and everybody very easy everything made but i too much working same thing why ??

If you need very high filmic quality then you are not going to be able to achieve it neither with Unreal nor with ten RTX cards! Your assumption that you needed a hack for GTX to run raytrace to achieve such impossible qualities from the start is a wrong approach because it can never happen even if you had the money and had twenty raytrace cards.

Also high filmic quality is not only achieved by the renderer it is also high skill, everyone has vray but not everyone can render pleasing visuals even if you had a renderfarm.

So in your case you either have to accept your own limitations on either financial/skill levels or compromise or else you wont get anything done and complaining about why there is no hack and rtx is the solution is very wrong from the start.

i am the engine and my pc is tyre. if tyre is not turn engine is useless. Maybe it is porsche engine but completly car is not enough. My computer is stoping to me. İf i always crash and close the program, if my pc always put for limit me please say me how evaluate my skill ?
Theory is gtx 1060 cards to about 9-11 fps if can work my card 1 frame 1 second. So speed and enough for me.

I feel sad the more I read into this thread with each time OP posts a reply.

Thank you maybe last hope ssgi. What you think ?