Ray trace not work properly when set master pose component

My pawn contain serveral skeMesh parts (head,torso,arm,leg) + 1 main skeMesh .When I use “Set master pose component” node to attach bodyparts to my main skeMesh ,ray tracing (shooting at my pawn) not working correctly anymore when my pawn move (using AIController simple move to). The collision only happen at the position where pawn was spawned . Any idea ? This is a bug or im missing something ?

Ok i solved it , i have mistaken set Kinematic bones update type to skip all bones and it cause all of the trouble.

Hi, do you mind sharing how to solve this?

I also have the same problem with my weapon set as Skeletal Mesh. The weapon collision does not follow the character and only affects where the character initially spawn. I set my Weapon Skeletal Mesh Kinematic Bones Update Type to Skip Simulating Bones. From reading all other related questions about Set Master Pose Component, I also tried to remove Physics Asset from the Weapon Skeletal Mesh.

Thank you.

all i have done is just set Skip Simulating Bones . Have u tried to attach your weapon to a socket of your Skeletal mesh ? And why your weapon have to be a skemesh ? your weapon is a whip ?