RawInput plugin bug


I am trying to implement steering wheels into my game using a Logitech G290 steering wheel and ran into problems.
Basically what’s happening is that while I am slowly turning the steering wheel, all values seem to be displayed correctly in the debug window. However, as soon as I stop turning all axis values jump to a small value near 0 and all pressed buttons switch to False again while they are still pressed. Additionally yesterday it displayed 5 axes although my controller only has 4 and now it only shows 3 axes. When I print out the vendor and device ID of the only connected device retreived through “GetRegisteredDevices” it shows values that do not represent my steering wheel.
One last thing to mention is that the axis value ranges seem pretty random, like the wheel goes from 0-255, one pedal from -1-35 and a different pedal from 0-1.

Here is a GIF of me pressing several buttons, steering and pushing the pedals:

Thanks for the help!