Rare items randomly spawing from the same spawner actor?

Hi All,
In basic terms, lets say a ‘Cube’ is the spawner. From this cube when i left click, a gem spawns from this cube and drops down. This gem is worth lets say ‘100’.
Is there a way that i can spawn a better gem say worth ‘1000’ from this cube on rare occasions? like put a 20% chance that this better gem will drop instead of a basic gem?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

When you are spawning just generate a random number between, say, 1 and 100. Test if number is greater than 80 and spawn the rarer drop.

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Yeah ok that makes sense, so what node is used to pick a random number? Sory im still learning with blueprints

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“Random Integer In Range”

Oh right thanks heaps, wat a legend i think ive got it from here haha