Random textures go blurry after light bake

For some reason a random amount of textures are showing completely blurry on my terrain and other assets ever since I baked the lighting last time. Before the lighting was baked, everything showed up fine.

Does anyone know what’s going on?
Which textures are blurred varies every time I reload the scene. They all look fine as long as the shaders are being compiled, but as soon that has been completed, some go blurry.

Hello Mr Robville,

This appears to be a texture streaming issue, as you might not have the correct bandwidth to allow those textures to be streamed in at the correct/expected resolutions.

To identify which textures are being streamed out, and which textures are taking up too much memory, take a look at our documentation on ‘Texture Streaming’. It will help you troubleshoot your texture streaming so this issue is resolved.

Texture Streaming

If you have further questions after reading over the documentation and attempting to resolve the issue, let me know and I will assist you further.


Hello Andrew,
Thanks a lot for your reply. It’s indeed the texture streaming that needs a deeper look. I turned it off in the settings and rebooted the engine (otherwise everything was blurry) and they all showed fine. Of course not a recommendation performance wise I expect so I’ll take a look at the documentation you’ve linked. Seems like a whole new area to explore.

Thanks again, problem solved!

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