Random Mood creation using Face Morphs... Some help appreciated! :-)

I am relative new in the Unreal Engine and I have about a month of Experience using blueprints.
I am creating a prototype game using a system of custom character generator where th character mesh is defined by lots of morphs (Body/ And Facial) and at spawn random values from a predefined range are given in order to establish diversity.
I am ok with that so far, BUT
I also want to have the character to change face expressions according to “Moods”.
A ''Mood" is a predifined set of Face morphs with min/max values that need to effect along a time span
e.g from “Neutral” to “Happy” a set of 3 Face morphs gain values from 0 to 0.8 along a duration of 1 sec smoothly.
and so on…

I am seeking the best method to accomplish that.
I tried to use Timelines but they are strictly defined and binded to rigidly predefined functions in the BP
so in order to have many moods I need to have many timelines binded to many nodes that change Each 1 morph.

I also tried FInterpTo node connected to Event Tick but still it required local var for each mood in order to perform the “smooth” morph transistion

I think that I need something like Animation Blendspace in order to Blend between different “Moods” in realtime,
But I am under the impression that this is not the use intended for them, AND I cant find any tutorials about this…

Does anyone have any idea or experience of how to do this?..

Thank you all in advance…

J Jager :slight_smile: