random matinees,... who knows :)

Hi UE4 users,
i have a question about my matinees. I have some matinees at one spot where a character will walk a bit and do some weird things. And my plan is that i want this character/ matinee to change at random. So i made about 4 matinees (each with different characters and different sounds), and a trigger box. And i thought it was an easy job something like this: beginoverlaptriggerbox>randomPLay matinee1, 2 and 3. But it seems more complicated with a random node.
Is it harder then i think, or do i make a stupid mistake :rolleyes:


Hey wontonanimalchin,

You can do this by feeding a random number into a switch.

Here is someone with an example: How do I select a random number in a blueprint? - UE4 AnswerHub

gee man, thanks!! I did it like this right now, and it seems to work:) And the plan was only to use one matinee, and not with every overlap of the triggerbox another matinee. That destroy actor seems to work, but i am ot sure thats the way. I am not a scripting king, but if it works, it works:)