Random locations that decreases through X and Y axis

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a method for spawn static mesh instances in a certain area randomly. I have to set random locations within the area. I did generate some random locations ofcourse. But I want the meshes to decrease on the X axis. I have some ideas but I’m not sure what kind of approach would be right. Can you advise me on this? The result I’m trying to achieve looks like this from the top view:

Thanks for your precious time guys.

Hi @unvermelih
A quick thing could be define a number of smaller area in your main area.
Main area is large 100 ? you can divide it by any number like 10 and get like Rows or columns.
Than you make a function to spawn N objects in a area
and use a loop to spawn lower number any time.
area 10 spawn 10 random static
area 5 spawn 5 random static
area 1 spawn 1 random static

you can adjust this kind of concept in a lot of ways to adapt your needs