Random generation

I am working on this survival horror project, I am still in block out stages just finishing a GDD. Ive had this idea where I will have this Jack in the box, that will act as i sort of flashlight. I need to have a while loop running on the fact that there is a 1 in 7 chance that every time that the crank is turned, there is a chance the jack in the box will pop out. Any useful links that could aid me in any sort of way, doesn’t need to be specific. Just something to do with using random functionality in order to determine a state or anything to do with random uses in UE4.

Have a look at these, they both have 1 in 7 chance to be True:


You can have the *Weight *in the first node as an ever increasing variable with each crank, so the player does not have to do it 30 times and is bound to trigger is sooner rather than later.

Sometimes it helps to have it more visual:

You can use it like this, too:

In range nodes are handy as well:

Iam often positively surprised by how detailed and just well done the answers in this forum can turn out :slight_smile: Nicely compiled, Everynone!

Thank you everynone, and yeah I didn’t think about adding weight for influence, thats very useful thank you