Rama's Vertex Snap Editor Plugin, Download for You!

Hi Rama,

When i try to use your Victory Plugin and integrate with my project, the editor crashes.

My current engine is 4.16.3, do i need to get a 4.16.3 version of the Victory plugin ?

Reason i need is primarily for vertex snapping but also all the other goodies.


Adding more info:

EDIT: After hours of trying to make this work, i’m thinking i will not succeed, i tried to just setup the Victory Library and i was unable to have it work.

Tried to download pre-compiled binaries and put in the {project}/Plugins folder, always complains with this error:


I tried also using the git source, i get errors too.

I’m kind of desperate right now.

EDIT 2: I’m using a lightly modified Engine (4.16.3), maybe that is my issue ?

Anyone else know what my issue could be ?

I finally succeeded in getting both plugins to work.

I was needing version for 4.16.3, had to fix 2 small errors in code. The key for me was to build the solution first from a fresh pull of my project. Then integrate the plugins and build.

I did however find an issue in the current version i have, the K option (reset mesh rotations) does not add to Undo list, so if i reset the rotations on the wrong model, i can’t undo it.

Also, hitting Y does nothing for me, supposed to bring mesh to surface.

Thanks Rama for this editor plugin :slight_smile:

Hey Rama, thank you for another amazing plugin, too bad it’s not working with UE4.18(or 4.17, if I recall correctly), can you please do a 4.18 version? :3

By the way, it has been a while since I asked you last time, but is there any news on your latest project(game i believe)?