Rain blueprint

I bought a rain effect a couple days ago ( Rain Drops in Visual Effects - UE Marketplace) but because I am new to Unreal I am having some trouble implementing the effect. Here are the instructions that were listed in the product technical details for setting up the effect:

  1. Add PostProcess volume to a level
  2. Place BP_RainDropsRender to a level at some place where player can’t see
  3. Specify your post process volume in BP_RainDropsRender setting “Post Process volume”

The first two steps are straightforward but I’m not able to complete the third step. Can anyone offer some more detailed instructions? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

I don’t own the asset so i can’t be sure, but it seems that the BP_RainDropsRender have a variable of the the post process type named “Post Process Volume” that should process the effect.
You have added a post process volume to the level, it should have a name in the world and can now be referenced on blueprints on the level.
Click on the BP_RainDropsRender that you added to the level, and on the details pannel, look for the variable “post process volume” and set this variable to be the post process that you added to the level.
Entering this Post Process Volume should now add the rain drops effect to your screen.

Hi Ivan,
Thanks very much for your help. I have created a post process volume that I’ve named “PostProcessVolume_ROTUNDA” but when I open the Blueprint for RainDropsRender and click on the details panel, I can’t find a way of setting this variable to access “PostProcessVolume_ROTUNDA”. Here are some screenshots that show the RainDropsRender BP and the post process volume I’ve created in the level. Do you have any suggestions for what I might try next? Thanks again.020be4c62a2610e88429add04056e68e43abc9eb.jpege9dea6346dbe0169c559f0c37d5b24362f763f2d.jpeg

Ok, you placed the Post Process Volume in the world. Right.
However You don’ do it on the blueprint, you do it from the actor that was placed in the world.
After you drag and drop the BP_RainDropsRender on the world, you’ll be able to see it on the world outliner. Either directly click on the actor on the world or from the world outliner click on the actor, it’ll achieve the same effect.
This is the world outliner :

Now, after you’ve clicked on the actor, right below the world outliner you’ll see the details pannel. It looks like this :

Somewhere in the details pannel you’ll find a variable named PostProcessVolume, its probably under the default tab.
On the blueprint it looks like this :
The open eye indicates that the variable can be changed from the world, the green color indicate it has a tooltip.
Now that you know that it can be chagned from the world, it’s on the details pannel under the world outliner after you placed in the world and selected the BP_RainDropsRender that you’ll set the PostProcessVolume variable to be the PostProcess you placed in the world.