Ragdoll Flies Across Map

Exhausted google and I can’t spot what the issue is with my ragdoll … it flies across the map crazily.

In the physics asset I have a profile which I set through the BP (I also tried removing the profile from the PHAT). I even deleted all bones from the PHAT and left just the hip bone and it still went crazy.

I tried on the mesh setting collision to ragdoll as well as custom with various adjustments as well.

Any other suggestions/ideas appreciated.


Make sure that your Mesh and your bones have a scaling of 1.0 (or 100% respectively) in your modelling app. Unreal hates scaled bones and meshes.

Do you have any meshes attached to the character that will enter ragdoll? If yes, look over those. Most of the time my ragdoll has gone haywire it’s been due to collision issues.

I had some collision spheres attached to the mesh and sure enough they were causing the issue. I forgot about those. Thanks guys for your replies