Ragdoll causes collisions to fail on android


steps to reproduce bug:

  1. using side scroller template create a game where enemies can ragdoll upon death
  2. activate ragdoll on enemies upon “death” and keep them on the scene for about 10 seconds without destroying them.
    2a. during those 10 seconds they arent destroyed (even if you disable simulation, disable anything physx related, still wont help) collisions will fail (player character will be able to walk through things that should block him/overlaps will fail/traces to other enemies wont detect)
  3. when the last enemy is destroyed that had ragdoll, the game will return to normal and all overlaps/blocks/traces will return as desired

steps to fix: turn off PCM in physics settings

regarding step 2… it took me killing a couple of enemies like 4 or 5 for the bug to occur… and also note on windows the bug doesn’t appear at all…