Quixel UE4 integration?

I searched around on the forums and on Google but i didn’t find an answer for this so forgive me if it’s been asked/answered.

The latest Sci-Fi hallway content release on the marketplace’s description says it was made using Quixel’s integration with UE4, i currently own NDO2 and DDO2 but i don’t know how to integrate them into UE4.

Is there something i am missing? Thanks in advance!

It is not something that needs integration with a game engine. Those are tools to create texture maps within Photoshop, not something like Substance.

I know that but it seams there is an integration which allows you to see the changes immediately and create materials within UE4 through the PRB pipeline.

After looking some more it seams there is a new version coming out soon which is in closed beta calledQuixel Suite that has this integration for UE4 and other applications so you can see the changes within the engine in realtime

That’s not integration with the game engine, it simply runs at the same time as the game, when you want to see what your material looks like in the game it can quickly save the texture and have UE4 reload the texture so you can see it updated. Besides that, it will have some default settings according to how the game engine renders materials. Other than that, Quixel is still something that runs through Photoshop and isn’t a tool that works without it.

You see the changes in real time in Quixel’s own renderer, not UE4. Just like how it is with Substance.

Substance actually allows you to tweaks things directly in the UE4 UI and see the changes in the UE4 editor in real time.

Quixel has a 3D previewer, but the new version will have the option to quickly update the textures and send them to UE4 so that you can see what they look like in that engine.

Substance does all of its own things itself, so anything that can be modified later is open to UE4. Quixel is actually like an automated form of Photoshop, it manages the layers automatically and the way it creates details like scratches is by using Photoshop filters. It can’t run without Photoshop unless they design the program with their own tools to do those functions.

Oh ok, i didn’t know that.