Quixel Suite Open Beta

Hi there

I just saw that Quixel Suite is in Open Beta until September 8.
Don´t find anything about it here, so it might be interessting :wink:

3DO uses unity, NDO and DDO are unobfuscated .NET executables. That’s awesome.

I’m trying to figure out how to use the program haha!

It’s not apparent until you “get it” then it’s really simple.

  1. In your 3D modeller of choice, assign colour materials and UV maps to your poly selections.
  2. Use whatever you want for your normal maps.
  3. Export them all including the mesh as a .OBJ
  4. Open up Quixel suite, (if you can :D)
  5. Add your stuff from above and click the Link ID to apply a base setup from your color ID information
  6. Click create base and mess around with it, change the reflectance values and add materials etc. see what works.
  7. Export and import.
  8. Drink a beer with all the time you’ve saved.

You can use 3DO to preview your meshes before export.